How To Soften The 11's - 7 Steps

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How To Soften The 11's - 7 Steps

Wrinkles are formed because of a break down in the sub dermal collagen, resulting in sagging skin. We lose the elasticity of collagen because of a number of factors including, but not limited to, sun damage, stress, squinting, facial movement, and a lack of skin hydration.

Sometimes genetics also play a factor and while we can’t fix your genes, we can help to reduce premature signs of aging and help you feel your most beautiful!

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Ways to age gracefully and soften the 11’s

  1. Always wear sunblock
  2. Never go to bed with dirty skin or without moisturizing. Washing and hydrating before going to sleep is the best way to ensure your skin is optimally primed to receive ingredients from your moisturizers
  3. Use pharmaceutical grade skin care that works to protect your collagen and defend against free radicals
  4. Exfoliate at least once a week – Light exfoliation is all you need to help slough off dead skin that can compound into blackheads or acne and makes you complexion look dull

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    1. Drink water – hydrated skin helps to keep your skin looking AND feeling great
    2. Light massage brings blood flow to the area resulting in more supple skin
    3. Apply moisturizers and eye creams with your ring finger, you don’t need a lot of pressure when applying topical products and doing so in a circular motion helps with light massage from rule 6

    A healthy skincare routine is critical in maintaining healthy complexions. Need help figuring out what is best for your skin? Our team of experts is ready to help you!

    Please do not use raw lemons, lemon juice or other home remedies without consultation of an esthetician or dermatologist. You can cause serious damage and even scarring because of the intensity of the acid in a lemon.

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    I have used biofond since 1990 and now have friends that will only use it also. There’s nothing that compares to it.

    Andrea Shepherd,

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