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Hydro Pearls Makeup Primer

100 ml / 3.4 oz


4 reviews

Developed to complement Bio-Fond Foundation, this water-based makeup primer is free of parabens, mineral oils and silicone. Minimize shine and oil, and protect your skin from environmental irritants.

Key Ingredients

AZULENE is a soothing, anti-bacterial extact from the chamomile flower. This natural, botanical based ingredient aids in breakout prevention by limiting bacteria on the skin while simultaneously helping to calm your complexion and irritated skin.

WHEAT GERM EXTRACT contains high concentrations of vitamin E proven to promote healing and hydration of the skin.  Amino acids boost the production of collagen and elastin, while antioxidants aid in skin renewal. 

RICE BRAN is rich in a substance called oryzanol which is an antioxidant and free radical fighter with more powerful anti aging effects than Vitamin E, and is only found in this oil. The emollients in Rice Bran oil not only hydrate skin, they provide a protective barrier for the skin, which makes it particularly beneficial for damaged and undernourished skin.

SUNFLOWER SEED OIL rich in Vitamin E, helps to protect collagen and elastin in the skin, as well as guarding against UV radiation and environmental pollutants. High levels of Omega-6 fatty acids in this non-comedogenic oil combat irritation, redness, inflammation and acne; and also aids in maintenance of the acid mantle, your skin's natural moisture barrier.

How to Use

Generously apply Hydro Pearls moisturizing primer over the face and neck, just prior to any make-up application. Use in combination with other GS products, including Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup, GS Anti-Aging Eye Region Cream, and Skinfood Ultra Vital.

Silicone-free makeup primer made with Swiss Glacial water is ideal for all skin types. Essential for your make-up and skin care routine, Hydro Pearls should be used with your Biofond Foundation for a flawless, high-definition finish.

Formulated without parabens, mineral oils or silicone, this light hydrating lotion primer protects the skin from pollution, irritation and bacteria while working to minimize oil andshine. The addition of azulene, a soothing, chamomile based anti-bacterial, aids in breakout prevention while calming your complexion.

Gerda Spillmann Hydro Pearls with flowers
Gerda Spillmann Hydro Pearls with flowers

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