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Gerda Spillmann’s Bio-Fond Cream-To-Powder Foundation is the perfect hybrid between the buildable coverage of liquid and lightweight texture of powder. Most commonly, this creamy foundation is applied with a dry or dampened sponge to start off with a medium coverage, but application is easy with such a versatile foundation. Lightening up the coverage works beautifully with a foundation brush while using dry, clean fingertips creates a fuller coverage. Mixing and matching techniques is an easy way to get the perfect individualized coverage you want.

Customizable coverage isn’t the only advantage to the Bio-Fond Foundation. It helps keep skin healthy as it locks in moisture but simultaneously feels breathable. All skin types can benefit from the natural ingredients and protection from both the sun’s rays and environmental pollutants. This Swiss skin care line was founded in 1944 on the principle that foundation should be the last step in a fabulous skin care routine, not just a cover up. We remain true to that ideal which is why it is formulated with medical grade ingredients. Even those with sensitive, allergy prone skin or those using retinol/retinoids can enjoy using Bio-Fond and often see an improvement in hydration. 

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