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Anti-Aging Skincare


Anti Aging Eye Region Cream

8 reviews
Renaissance Pro Age- New look. Less packaging. Same effective formula. Still 1.7 ounces
Renaissance Pro Age

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Prestige Cell

2 reviews
Renaissance Age Serum

2 reviews
Swiss Brightening Cream

1 review

Just like a healthy body needs good nutrition and care, so too does your skin. Gerda’s Swiss skin care items are meant for long-term health and benefits, unlike fad products that equate to the short term delight of junk food. A new, fun skincare item is a great way to treat yourself; but when you are looking to focus on good skin nutrition, Gerda Spillmann is ready to help.

Anti-aging products include many botanical ingredients like Swiss Edelweiss, Proline Amino Acids, Gigawhite, and the versatile Tamarind Seed Extract.