Bio-Fond Sample Pack


Choose your perfect shade of Bio-Fond with our Sample pack. No more guessing - try out different shades and find your perfect match for a flawless finish, and get free shipping!* Order now and discover your best look with Bio-Fond. Want a custom combination? Call us!


Our Color Matching Bio-Fond Sample Packs are tailored to different skin tones and undertones. These packs offer a comprehensive selection of foundation samples to ensure you discover the ideal match or combination of shades for your unique complexion.

Our thoughtfully organized groups take the guesswork out of color matching, allowing you to explore a range of shades that complement both your skin tone and undertone. Whether you have a warm, cool, or neutral undertone, our sample packs make it easy to experiment and find the foundation that seamlessly blends with your natural beauty. Unsure of your undertone? Check out our helpful guide: What's My Undertone?.  Still have questions? Want a custom combination? Call us at 800-282-3223

Experience the convenience of sampling before committing to a full-size product. Achieve a flawless finish that enhances your natural radiance with our Color Matching Bio-Fond Sample Packs – because personalized beauty begins with the perfect foundation match.

Select from the following Bio-Fond Cream-to-Powder Foundation Sample Packs available; packs are based on depth of color and undertones: 

  • Fair to light - Warm/Neutral: Sand, Birch, Praline, Caramel
  • Fair to light - Cool/Neutral: Weekend, Birch, Truffle, Csardas
  • Light to Medium - Warm/Neutral: Praline, Caramel, Alpen Glow, Bijou
  • Light to Medium - Cool/Neutral: Csardas, Limelight, Alpen Glow, Top Chic
  • Medium to Tan - Warm/Neutral: Caramel, Bijou, Sahara, Alpen Glow
  • Medium to Tan - Cool/Neutral: Limelight, Top Chic, Cacao, Apres Ski
  • Tan to Deep - Warm/Neutral: Sahara, Light Ebony, Mahogany, Raven
  • Tan to Deep - Cool/Neutral: Bronze Special, Sienna, Autumn, Sable

 Samples are intended for color matching purposes only.

 *Free shipping applies to Bio-Fond Sample Packs only. Free shipping applies to US addresses only. If your order contains other products you will be charged at the normal shipping rate for those products.

Bio-Fond Sample Pack



  • Fair to Light-Warm/Neutral
  • Fair to Light-Cool/Neutral
  • Light to Medium-Warm/Neutral
  • Light to Medium-Cool/Neutral
  • Medium to Tan-Warm/Neutral
  • Medium to Tan-Cool/Neutral
  • Tan to Deep-Warm/Neutral
  • Tan to Deep-Cool/Neutral


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Skin Concern

Dry Skin, Mature Skin, Combination Skin, Aging Skin, Sensitive Skin, Rosacea
Our Color Matching Bio-Fond Sample Packs are tailored to different skin tones and undertones. These packs offer a comprehensive selection...
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