5 Bad Skincare Habits

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5 Bad Skincare Habits
5 Bad Skincare habits

5 Bad Skincare Habits

  • Sleeping with your makeup on.  This is one of the worst habits you can have because not only do you hate the dark circles from your eyeliner & mascara but leaving products on overnight can lead to clogged pores and breakouts.
  • Dehydration  Just drink more water. Madame Spillmann always preached that "your skin is a reflection of your inner health”. Water helps to hydrate and nourish our complexions and bodies from head to toe..
  • Not getting your beauty sleep. With our hectic schedules sometimes we forget that our skin needs time to rest and restore too. The term Beauty Sleep is a real thing. Be sure to get the recommended 7-8 hours every night.
  • Over exfoliating. The very top layer of our skin helps to guard against bacteria, uv radiation and pollutants in the air. Sure, we want to scrub that grime off but don’t exfoliate so much you lose the acid mantle working hard to protect you.
  • Too many products. A well regimented skincare routine shouldn’t have more than 5-6 products that you use daily. Applying too many products is actually counter-intuitive, if there are so many layers of products your skin can’t absorb them, then you’re just wasting product . We have skincare kits to get every type of skin started on a healthy routine.
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