Spring Clean Your Skin

Spring Clean Your Skin

Deep cleaning the skin helps to slough away dead skin cells that are hanging on (like extra weight from the holidays) and prepares the skin to readily accept the hydration you apply, allowing for radiant skin that helps your skin look and feel healthy.

5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Skin

Ingredients matter when choosing the right products for your skin

Step 1: Deep Cleansing

Washing away the surface bacteria, oil and grime every day is critical to a good skincare routine. But sometimes, we need to go deeper. Thoroughly cleanse the skin with a powerful, but gentle cleanser. Preferably a dual-action cleanser that will give you both a thorough surface clean and has an exfoliator for pores and deep seated oil.

Step 2: Ingredients Matter

Using cheap moisturizers puts cheap ingredients on your skin. While not all cheap ingredients are necessarily bad, they can open the opportunity for bad things to happen to your skin. Cosmetic grade products may contain up to 70% bacteria (gross!); pharmaceutical grade products are required by law to contain less than 1%. Make sure you’re using a product that doesn’t have just 1 or 2 great ingredients, but all of them!

Step 3: Layers

Two is better than 1. No matter how amazing and effective your moisturizer might be, you’ll get the most functionality out of it by pairing it with an equally powerful serum. A great rule of thumb to follow, always apply the lightest products first. By applying the targeted serum first, you allow the moisturizer to help lock in additional moisture. This is incredibly important for those with very dry and/or mature complexions!

Peau de Fleurs Cleanser is gentle enough to use every day

Step 4: Specialty Skincare

Are you particularly concerned about a specific area? The fine lines around the eyes? Maybe the hyper-pigmentation on your cheeks? Or the lines on your neck? Adding a specialty cream to your skincare cocktail is recommended, even in our 20-30’s to help prevent the irreversible breakdown of collagen and elastin. Be sure to pick a product that is developed for your skin type and avoid products with hydroquinone.

Step 5: Fiercely Protect

Sun block is a girl’s very best friend. Men and Children too! Protect your skin from ultraviolet rays that can cause discoloration and lead to skin cancer. Free radicals attack your skin cells and lead to a breakdown in the skin, allowing the appearance of pesky fine lines and wrinkles. Remember to wear sunblock every day, and reapply if you have continued outside sun exposure.

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