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Applying moisturizer or creams seems like a common sense detail, right? We put a bit on our hands, rub it on our faces and go about our day. This lassiez-faire attitude can lead to using your products ineffectively. If you’re going to buy a quality moisturizer, make it work for you!

This is how much product you should use. Eye Cream-grain of rice. Mask-walnut size. Face cream-blueberry size. Cleanser-Grape size.

Here are a few tips on how to maximize your moisturizer-

  • Layering is important!  Always apply your thinnest/finest serums first and thickest creams last.  The emollients in your moisturizers help to seal the ingredients from your serums, allowing them to penetrate more deeply and thus more effectively.  Using a quality serum is key so that it targets your problem areas and can lead to more flawless looking skin.  Amino Acids are a critical ingredient to look for as these are literally, the building blocks of cells.
  • It’s quality not quantity?  Well actually, it’s both.  Apply the right amount of moisturizers, too little your skin is still dehydrated, too much it’s just going to leave you shiny. You should apply a pearl sized amount to your face and neck, just enough to have a little to rub into the backs of your hands when your through.
  • Ingredients Matter.  Using pharmaceutical grade ingredients gives you confidence in knowing you are applying medical grade quality to your skin that passes rigorous test and evaluations to ensure safety and cleanliness.  Cosmetic grade products can contain up to 70% bacteria – that’s why they have such short expiration dates!
  • Timing is Everything.  There are certain times that the skin absorbs moisture better than others. After showering or washing your face is the ideal time to massage in your moisturizer. After gently patting down the face and body with a dry towel, rub your moisturizer on the damp skin in circular motions.  Circular motion allows for increased blood circulation that helps to maintain healthy skin.  Always wash your face before going to bed at night!

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