Want to look fresh faced and flawless but have no confidence in your complexion? Achieving the no-makeup makeup look is actually pretty easy with the right tools.

Step 1: Create a healthy skin base
No matter what products you apply, if your skin is dehydrated, unhealthy or dirty it’s going to show. Cleansing & moisturizing twice a day, every day is the most important step you can take in achieving a perfect complexion.

Step 2: Apply light foundation coverage
Using a brush or damp sponge, apply a cream-to-powder foundation (it goes on like a moisturizer and sets like a powder – a perfect, natural look) starting in the middle of the face and working towards the hairline and jaw line. For the most flawless light coverage with Bio-Fond, follow this tinted moisturizer tutorial using our Hydro Pearls Primer.

Find a foundation shade that matches so you don’t have to blend it out


Gerda Spillmann Concealers

Step 3: Apply concealer to dark circles or blemishes

You can use a small rounded brush or makeup sponge to gently dab a small amount of highlighter or concealer to your spots of concern and blend into your foundation makeup by lightly patting.




Step 4: Use a cream blush for a natural flush
Cream blush is the perfect tool for a soft, glowing flush because it gives the most natural look. Apply three small dots across your cheek bones and blend with a dense round brush, taking care that the edges are thoroughly blended out. This cream blush will last all day and you won’t get a caked on look that can happen with powder blushes.

Step 5: Eyes
Brush your eyebrows so that they flow in a natural direction, lightly apply brow fill if you think it’s necessary. Then apply an eye shadow that matches your skin tone, this color should enhance your eyes, not stand out on its own. Then curl your eye lashes and apply a single coat of mascara.

Step 6: Lips
Use a lip gloss or tinted balm that closely matches the hue of your lips. A trick I like to use is applying the same loose pigment I used on the eyes on the lips with a clear lip base – gives a cohesive, barely there but completed look.

The no makeup makeup look before and after

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