3 Tips for Summer Skincare

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3 Tips for Summer Skincare


Time for summer sun, and having fun; but will it leave you with dry, damaged skin?  Not only can the sun cause stress on your skin, so too can salt water, chlorine, humidity and even your own perspiration.  Unless you are religious about applying your sun block every two hours, the damage from the sun's UVA and UVB rays may be more significant than you realize. Even worse, you might notice acne or sun spots cropping up in new places.

Oil production combined with increased sweating leads to clogged pores and breakouts. And UV light exposure, even small amounts, add up over time causing your pigment-producing cells to go into overdrive. 

Summer Skincare Tip #1:

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You may have thought that all that humidity in the summer air was good for your skin; but when combined with sweat, bacteria and residual sun block it turns into your skin's biggest enemy!  Make sure you are cleansing with gentle physical exfoliation to wash away all that muck.  Good quality cleansers break down the excess oil on your skin, allowing dead skin cells to slough away while the physical exfoliation clears the grime that can clog your pores. GS's dual action cleanser does both and leaves your skin hydrated with a natural alternative to hyaluronic acid, Tamarind Seed Extract. Problematic or oily skin? Stubborn waterproof mascara?  Make sure you're also using this alcohol free toner.


Summer Skincare Tip #2:

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Protection is key to maintaining youthful, healthy skin. Protecting the skin's mantle (the layer that gives you balanced pH and to keep it not too dry, and not too oily) is a critically important step during the summer months.  Additionally, you must wear sunblock to prevent your delicate epidermis from getting baked by the sun. According to the Dermatology Institute, just 3 bad sunburns can expose your skin to enough uva/uvb rays to potentially lead to skin cancer. Make sure you wear an SPF 30+ and makeup with physical sunblock protection with Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxides. 


Summer Skincare Tip #3:

Dry skin leads to premature aging so rehydrate asap by applying topical moisturizers and drinking your full 8 glasses a day.  Let your skin drink up Skinfood Extra Riche to deeply renew while quenching its thirst for botanical emollients and essential vitamins. Free radical damage from those UVA and UVB rays are also a concern as they can lead to more serious skin issues, like cancer.  Check your skin regularly for dark spots or moles that change shape or color and seek out a dermatologist for anything that concerns you, at least once a year. Then, start reducing other signs of aging skin with the Swiss Brightening Cream.  With a safe and natural hydroquinone alternative, this lightweight cream, and its 8 Swiss botanicals, helps to lighten the appearance of hyperpigmentation (those pesky sun spots!).  Organic Swiss Edelweiss pulls double duty to also help reduce free radicals on the skin. 

Swiss Brightening Cream with 8 Alpine Plant extracts clinically proven to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation

With care, you can have fun in the summer sun and keep your skin looking fabulous! 

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